Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Smells, Sweet and Not.
The Scotch broom, or Spanish broom, or ginestra is in glorious bloom. The photos do not do it justice, but they look good and their sweet scent is strong:

as is that of the honeysuckle:
I have used some left-over "All Purpose Plant Food (7-4-4) Pet & People Friendly" in the eggplant patch in the greenhouse trough. One of the ingredients of the plant food is "Bird Guano," and believe me, it's strong! It must be good if it's this stinky.
We had overlooked the last butternut squash stashed in the basement, and recently I found it in its mummified state, but in nice living colors:

On a more gardeny note, the spinach continue to produce excellently. We have harvested (and eaten in a delicious stir fry) our first snow peas.
I have 22 tomato plants in the penitentiary; 11 in containers. A few others await a final destination.
The eggplant plantation consists of ten plants in the trough, several others in containers, and six that await the end of spinach to populate the window garden.
I have planted green beans in the flower box (growing beautifully) and in the wagon garden. The wagon garden remains a mystery. The snow peas are healthy, productive, and beautiful. The spinach is rachitic; the chard even worse. I am hoping a few beans will germinate and produce well. Finally, the various squashes in the penitentiary do not look particularly well.

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PCLCeditor said...

I'm glad to see the flowers come and the imploded butternut squash go. It looks like we were farming mold as well as vegetables this spring. Thanks for harvesting (and disposing of) the fuzzy crop!