Sunday, September 17, 2017


I harvested the first melon cuke, here pictured with its cousin lemon:
I have determined that the greenhouse visitor is pak choi. I have harvested, cooked, and eaten it. Delicious. Now I will wait for its seeds for next season's garden.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tomatoes but then trees

The heirloom tomatoes are ripening, and so are the small tomatoes. I don't know if these are the Campari tomatoes (from seeds I saved from tomatoes bought at Sprouts), or the small tomatoes I had enjoyed last year, or both, or which is which. This follows from my not impeccable labeling, but, heck, the plants are producing.
I have an interesting visitor to the greenhouse, and I do not know what it is. It has brand new florets, and the stalks look edible and juicy. I won't try it until I know what it is:
The tomato vines in the greenhouse have reached the ceiling:
and are full of fruit. So, vegetable life is good.
Now I have to start thinking about my apricot and plum trees. As in the past few years, they both flowered beautifully, only to drop the flowers and develop shriveled and curled leaves. Eventually there is some new leaf growth, and this is healthy. First the apricot, then the plum:

I will prune both trees, then treat them with my spray oil, fertilize them, and keep an eye on them.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


The peach harvest is over. I picked 196 peaches from the mama tree, and 4 from the young peach, a total of 200 peaches weighing Kg. 18.571. Not bad!!
The heirloom tomatoes are ripening. Yesterday I picked the first two, and promptly turned them into sauce for my spaghetti, which turned out delicious. I added basil and sweet onions. These two babies came in at 880 grams, two pounds, roughly! The larger weighs 481 grams. Many more will follow, and the little tomatoes are also ripening.
Today I picked the first lemon cuke, a 66g specimen that I will enjoy at lunch. I also picked some of the pole beans, but I must say, I am not fond of their shapes. Here are both items:
The zucchini have been coming, 11 so far (Kg 2.435), with many more to come. The squash have taken over the vegetable penitentiary, and are coming in all shapes and colors. I will study the situation to see if I can figure out what sort of cross-breeding is going on.
Next in line are the apples, and tree is so loaded that the longer outer branches rest on the ground. Lots of fruit, apple sauce, apple butter ...

Sunday, September 3, 2017

First blush

This is what I saw this morning. A lovely prelude to more blushing:
Even the decorative babies outside the greenhouse are sprouting flowers. Nice!

Friday, September 1, 2017


Today I harvested the first two zucchini. Many more will follow, as all five plants are healthy and full of flowers.
These two beauties, of the right eating size, came in at 380 grams.
The peach harvest continues, and today I picked 40 more peaches, a total of Kg 3.583. More to harvest in the next few days. But the birds are competing strongly for the fruit.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Peach harvest in full swing

To date I have harvested ninetyeight peaches weighing a total of Kg 9.656. Here is a shot of some of my latest pickings:
I have eaten MANY; I have given some to our neighbors, and Nancy made a delicious crisp. A few minutes after I had taken some peaches to John's, he HAD to text me to declare the peaches "amazing." Yes, they are: delicious and more delicious. And there are many more to come!
The produce I have harvested so far consists of Kg 2.457 of green beans, with more to come.
In a few days I will have zucchini to harvest, then cucumbers (of two kinds), with winter squash to follow.
The heirloom tomatoes are getting bigger and bigger, but none is showing any color yet. The other tomatoes are coming along. I can't wait, but I have to!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The peach harvest has begun!

After yesterday bean harvest, which amounted to 653 grams (for a total 2002g--4.4lbs--so far), and looked pretty good,
I turned my attention to the old peach tree, which is loaded with fruit about to turn ripe. And this afternoon I picked 18 peaches, all ready to eat:
These are delicious, smallish white flesh fruit, and weighed 2152g (4.75lbs), an average of 120g (4.2 oz) each. I don't know how many will be left after tonight's meal.