Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Today I sprayed my fruit trees with All Seasons Horticultural & Dormant Spray Oil. I have two peach trees, only one of which has produced excellent white flesh fruit (three seasons ago--the other has not yet produced). I have one apple tree, a faithful producer. We have consumed its delicious fruit in many forms: raw, in crisps and pies, in sauce form. I have an Italian plum tree, which produced a miserable six plums three years ago and hasn't produced any fruit since. I have an apricot tree that has never produced. And I have a baby cherry tree, too young to produce. This tree grew in my compost bin and I transplanted it this past summer. It is now maybe thirty inches high. Each spring all these trees have beautiful flower, which then fall off, and the leaves appear distressed, badly curled. We'll see if this treatment will cure whatever problem these trees (except the apple tree) have.
My house plants are doing well. Here are two pots with basil and two pots with amaryllis. What doesn't show in the picture is that a persimmon is growing out of the higher basil pot. I regularly put pits or seeds in the soil, with decent results. Also growing there a second persimmon, and a citrus--I think it's a tangerine. I have also put in the soil some comice pear seeds. We'll see.

Here is a favorite of mine, whose name I can't come up with at this time:
Life goes on.