Sunday, May 15, 2016

The first lupini plant sprouted about ten days ago--the only one of ten beans I stuck in the ground. I do not understand why the turnout is so low.
The growth on graft 2 is vigorous. Graft 1 obviously failed. After a growth spurt early on, grafts 3-6 are either dead or otherwise dormant.
The snow peas are coming along:
The tomatoes (heirloom and cherry) and the long eggplants I grew from seeds are in their intermediate location in the greenhouse (some sixty plants--way more than I need):

My little basil plantation is thriving and ready to be split up:
I finished my box and trellis, now ready to receive my compost:

The little kangaroo mouse went bye bye:
and in twenty minutes the rosanero will be playing the game of their lives.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We have been eating spinach from the window garden. That patch, pictured below, is quite productive. The spinach I planted in the wagon garden is lagging pitifully behind. This is the box where I found gigantic broccoli roots last year--very little fruit, massive roots! I replenished the soil exactly as I did with the window box, but with these different results. A similar phenomenon is that of my twin grape vines. The north vine is flourishing, the south vine has a single bud giving signs of wanting to burst into leaves.