Friday, September 30, 2016

Tomato and Eggplant.
Both are producing well. Here's this summer's biggest (so far) heirloom tomato, which came in at 599 grams, well over a pound (21 oz and change):
This summer I have grown four varieties of tomatoes, and that's what my tomato army looks like:
The big guns are the heirloom tomatoes; the small tomatoes make excellent sauce. And I have two varieties of cherry tomatoes, one a bit larger than the other.

The long eggplants (pink) are delicious. They do not need to be salted before frying, and are tender and sweet. This is how they stack up on the 6 inch deck rail:
Time to go harvest a few more...

Monday, September 12, 2016

Veggies and Flowers.
The tomatoes are producing well, and the green beans are abundant. I haven't been checking the garden carefully, so today I cut many of the squash leaves (to help me see what's growing under them) and I trimmed the tomato plants of all their new growth--something I probably should have done two or three weeks ago. The chard keeps on leafing, and the beans keep on podding.

The flowers also fluorish:
I'll have to take some pics of the squash... Next time...

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Catch of the Day: Chard, Eggplant.
5 long eggplants, three pink, two black, weighing in at 2.31 lbs; Red chard 10.1 oz. Will harvest more of both...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Green Beans, Pink Eggplant, and Flowers.

The beans in the window garden are now producing well:

and the pink eggplants are looking good (we have already harvested some).

The petunias are happy in their corner of the greenhouse

amd the marigolds are gigantic and have all but obliterated their box-mates the green beans.

And thanks to the recent rains, mushrooms are sprouting all over. This one is about 5 inches in diameter,

and this family of red heads looks dangerous: