Saturday, October 1, 2016

This morning I noticed that the aphids had made a come back, attacking the eggplants. So I did some cleaning and harvested six eggplants:
The rightmost is a long, black. The five to its left are long, pink. I harvested the smallest pink by mistake, thinking I was eliminating a sucker sprout. The yellow-brown runt is the third or fourth such mutant-like critter. They do reach full size, but are not good eating. I have tried letting them stand covered in salt for hours, then washed them thoroughly, then fried them. Not a good dish. Here are two other specimens I downed a few days ago:

Eight or nine other eggplants are still on the plants in the greenhouse. They will be the last of my aubergines. The few plants I have outside did not produce fruit, and I knew they wouldn't. These babies need a lot of warm weather--and our nights here are cool.
I also grabbed the three or four bunches of grapes on one of the vines (the others did not produce fruit) beating the birds that were sure to find them and eat them. They are delicious.
It has not been a good year for my fruit trees. Only the apple (and one grape vine) produced fruit, and not abundant. I am hoping next year will be good.

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me said...

The eggplants LOOK good, even if they don't fry up that well!