Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Updates.
I have put in the ground 30 lupini beans, using different methods, such as soaking the beans overnight before planting them, and planting them at different depths. So far 1 out of 30 has sprouted. Not what I had hoped. The lone sprouter seems to be doing well.

I have concluded that only one of my six grafts took. It's doing great. The early sprouters are clearly dead, victims of the cold spell, I presume. The same cold spell that killed all the peach, apricot and plum flowers (but not the apple flowers, now turned to apples the size of cherries). I have topped the peach tree and will graft again next spring.

My snow peas are coming along well. The plants are full of flowers, some already turning to pods. I have had to enclose the plants in chicken wire because our visiting deer had feasted on them (as well as on the low branches of the apple tree and on the baby cherry tree). Let's hope he stays away.

I have started transplanting the tomatoes in the penitentiary (4 so far) and in containers (7 so far). And three petunias are now gracing the greenhouse wall.

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