Monday, August 18, 2014

Beans, tomatoes.
The news about my beans is mixed. I have now uprooted and discarded probably ten plants. Two diseases: one is the speckled leaf. The leaves of the plants degraded from a healthy looking green to a sickly speckled brownish. I noticed some cobwebs on some of the plants and sprayed them off as best I could. I also removed the sorriest looking leaves. And I uprooted two more plants from the planter in the greenhouse. We'll see.

The other disease is stunted plants with curled and curly leaves. I have uprooted most of these, but there may still be a couple under the invading squash canopy. From that experience I learned that too many plants in a small space are not a good idea.

Nevertheless, the amount of beans I harvest is more than satisfactory. And the plants that are mixed up with the squash probably have lots of unpicked fruit on them.

Now Tomatoes. I started them all from seeds. And this is how the fruit bunches:
This particular bunch has twelve tomatoes and has more fruit than the average bunch. Every flower was fertilized. And most, if not all, other flowers on this and other plants are now tomatoes. But, they are the slowest growing things! They are supposed to be Rio Grande tomatoes. Appropriately named since the Rio Grande is not the Colorado.

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