Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beans, chard, zucchini; artichokes.
First, here is what I picked this morning. The chard comes from a single plant that came up of its own accord in the wagon garden.

Here are two of the visible butternut squashes. Don't know how many are hidden under the canopy (and so are my beans!).

Coming up soon, artichokes. This plant, the only one I have, is in the penitentiary. I am growing another plant from seeds given to me by Lori a few years ago. I put nine seeds in a pony, and one did come up. When it's bigger I'll post a picture.

5400 feet elevation; 34.5 degrees latitude north; and soil where scrub oak and juniper do very well. What about my veggies? Do they like it here? Mmm.

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