Saturday, August 13, 2016

Eggplant, etc.

This morning I harvested two eggplants, one zucchini, and a few cherry tomatoes:The longer eggplant weighs 251 grams, the other 320 g. The zucchini came in at 222 g.

The little plantation in the green house is coming along well and more fruit is coming soon.

The heirloom tomatoes (three visible in this not-so-good picture), are reaching good size:

The herb garden is luxuriant,

with beautiful, gigantic parsley

and, clockwise from bottom right, thyme, sage, arugula, mint. The arugula is in full bloom, which means I will be harvesting the seeds soon.

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PCLCeditor said...

I guess the 'h' in morning is in honor of the Olympics in Brazil. I can assure your many readers that everything looks even better in person. The green thumb is hot this summer.