Friday, October 30, 2015

The last vegetable Hurrah!
Near-freezing temperatures are in the forecast, and I decided to collect what's left in the garden, except for a few squashes. Here it is! Miniature cantaloupe, miniature zucchini, weak-sauce beans (a disappointing performer this summer), tomatoes, huge specimens of zucchina lunga. I made practically no use of zucchina lunga this summer: one dish of tenerumi pasta, and one ratatouille dish. Both good, I must say.
The picture confirms the success of the tomato crop. The largest of the heirloom tomatoes pictured weighs in at 1 pound. I hope they all ripen. The green tomatoes are in front of the shop window.
The apple crop has also been excellent, and we have made apple sauce, apple crisp, apple pie, and eaten the fruit. Don't have a picture of the apples, but I have one of some of our grapes:

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