Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Grubs and roots.
The veggies in the wagon garden, one of my raised beds (raised, but resting on the ground), did not produce well the last two years. I had noticed the heavy roots before, but I had attributed them (and the failed crops) to a mistake I had made in the composition of the soil and the fertilizer I used. No such. The roots come from an opportunistic tree, whose trunk is about fifteen feet from the bed.
I have had to work hard to empty the bed, which was a mess of tangled roots. This pile about one foot high and three feet in diameter is what's left:
As I screened the removed soil, I found grubs,
and evidence of the power of these roots trying to establish themselves, penetrating, even, some peach pits:
On the fun side of things, here is the apple of my yard:

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