Monday, July 28, 2014

Just starting a blog.
I have decided to try to post some pictures of my garden so friends can help me with common issues such as how to improve the compost; how to detect and treat pests, fungi, viruses ...

July 7. This is a partial view from the south of my the Vegetable Penitentiary (Nancy's nickname for my garden). You can see my squash (4 varieties) and lemon cucumbers in the easternmost three rows; the young peach tree (which has produced no fruit to date); the sunflowers and marigolds (north edge of the garden); and two rows of bush beans. In the background you can see my little greenhouse.

July 28. This is what the Penitentiary looks like today. The rhubarb in the foreground obstructs the view of some of the beans. The sunflowers are over 8 ft tall; the marigolds 3 ft tall. The squash vines are taking over everything. Too many plants in a small space?

We have other patches. The herb and flower garden is hosting three zucchini plants this summer, and this is a partial view of it. You can see a grape vine (top left), the zucchini (foreground) and, clockwise from the lavender, rosettes, fennel, mint ... This picture was taken three days ago (July 25).

This is the zucchini today:


pclceditor said...

Nice lookin' garden. You might try to get more of the yurt in future ones for the total earth-father effect.

me said...

Am interested in the latest state of the zucchini as pictured above. Please update. Also, please advise the co-warden of the penitentiary that I am available for zucchini bread tasting and consulting services. Carry on.